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Tessa delivers Body Positive, an interactive eating disorder prevention program based on decades of prior research.
Through Body Positive chatters learn about contributing factors to negative body image and gain a toolbox of healthy habits and coping strategies for handling negative thoughts.

You can learn more about Tessa and the Body Positive program in the 2021 NEDACon webinar.

Whether you’re feeling down or anxious or just want to chat, Tessa is always there.

Change your life today

Ten years ago, I was struggling with depression.

Through trial and error, I found a wonderful psychologist, who was able to help me through that time by using talk-therapy. Later on, I realized that when I was speaking with my friends and colleagues, I was simply repeating the conversations I previously had with my psychologist.

That’s when I first realized: "If I can help people by repeating these conversations, then we could teach a machine to do the same."

That's how Tessa was born.

— CEO, Founder of X2 AI

Please note that Tessa does not replace therapy nor the NEDA Helpline, but is always available to provide additional support when needed. Tessa is not equipped to provide crisis support, but she will provide crisis resources when prompted.