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X2 is a transformative digital behavior change program that guarantees people get access and receive the help they need.

29,000,000 people have paid access to Tess.

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"We serve the most vulnerable, mental health is very important."

What is Tess?


Built by clinical psychologists, Tess is a Mental Health Chatbot that provides self-help chats, through text message exchanges – similar to texting with a friend or coach.

Evidence-based outcomes

Research studies found, that chatting with Tess led to significantly reduced symptoms, on average by -28% for depression, and -18% for anxiety.

Chart demonstrates 28% decrease in depression, and 18% decrease in anxiety, measured by PHQ-9, and GAD-7, respectively
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  • Implement within minutes, by simply promoting Tess' phone number.
  • 24/7 real-time analytics, gives you quick insights
  • Easily embed a white-labeled version, into your app or website.
  • Expand your network capacity, by trusting Tess to handle 25% of mild cases
  • No app required, it's just a phone number
  • 7 published peer reviewed studies, 4 RCT's, and 11 ongoing
  • Automate intakes, to prevent call center wait times
  • Refer to over 5,000+ of our counselors, ready to start treatment

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Ten years ago, I was struggling with depression.

Through trial and error, I found a wonderful psychologist, who was able to help me through that time by using talk-therapy. Later on, I realized that when I was speaking with my friends and colleagues, I was simply repeating the conversations I previously had with my psychologist.

That’s when I first realized: "If I can help people by repeating these conversations, then we could teach a machine to do the same."

That's how Tess was born.

— CEO, Founder of X2 AI

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