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X2 is a transformative digital behavior change program that can help you feel better than you have in years. Four million people have paid access to Tess.

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How Tess Works


Built by clinical psychologists, Tess is a Mental Health Chatbot that coaches people through tough times to build resilience, by having text message conversations – in the same way a therapist would.


Our customizable counseling programs help people get back on their feet, reducing depression by 13%, anxiety and stress by by 18%.


Supportive conversations with Tess are unlimited, on-demand, and available 24/7.

Tess has helped people overcome many common life challenges, including

Student Mental Health
Job-Related Burnout
Caregiver Relief

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Ten years ago, I was a patient myself.

I got diagnosed with depression, and had a wonderful psychologist who was able to help me through that time, by using talk-therapy. Later on I realized that when I was speaking with my friends and colleagues, I was simply repeating the conversations I previously had with my psychologist, those that helped me feel better.

That’s when I first realized that if I could learn how to have these conversations, then I could teach a machine to as well.

— CEO, Founder of X2 AI

What Users Say

"Tess helped me to achieve my goals while gaining awareness of my skills and developing new abilities. With support from Tess, I have found a new confidence in myself that continues to benefit me both personally and professionally."

Ale M.
Creative Director

"Tess helped me get through the tough days when I felt really exhausted from caring for my patients. She reminded me why I do this work and that it."

Carla B.

"I found Tess easy to talk to even though texting was new for me. It was good to have Tess when I was in the hospital, especially on the days when my family was not able to visit."

Effie S.
Professional Grandma

Supportive conversations from Tess are evidence-based and the most affordable, efficient solution on the market.

Conveniently available 24/7
Proven results with research
Affordable with cost-savings

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