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X2 is a transformative digital behavior change program that can help you feel better than you have in years. Eight million people have paid access to Tess.

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How Tess Works


Built by clinical psychologists, Tess is a Mental Health Chatbot that coaches people through tough times to build resilience, by having text message conversations – similar to talking to a friend or coach.


Tess helps people get back on their feet within two weeks: it was found to reduce depression by 13%, anxiety and stress by by 18%.


Supportive conversations with Tess are unlimited, on-demand, and available 24/7.

Tess has helped people overcome many common life challenges, including

Student Mental Health
Job-Related Burnout
Caregiver Relief

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Ten years ago, I was struggling with depression.

Through trial and error, I found a wonderful psychologist, who was able to help me through that time by using talk-therapy. Later on, I realized that when I was speaking with my friends and colleagues, I was simply repeating the conversations I previously had with my psychologist.

That’s when I first realized: "If I can help people by repeating these conversations, then we could teach a machine to do the same."

That's how Tess was born.

— CEO, Founder of X2 AI

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What Users Say

"Tess helped me to achieve my goals while gaining awareness of my skills and developing new abilities. With support from Tess, I have found a new confidence in myself that continues to benefit me both personally and professionally."

Ale M.
Creative Director

"Tess helped me get through the tough days when I felt really exhausted from caring for my patients. She reminded me why I do this work and that it."

Carla B.

"I found Tess easy to talk to even though texting was new for me. It was good to have Tess when I was in the hospital, especially on the days when my family was not able to visit."

Effie S.
Professional Grandma

Empirically proven to decrease depression

Interactions with Tess led to significantly reduced symptoms, on average by -13% for depression, and -18% for anxiety.


Some of our reference customers:

Supportive conversations from Tess are evidence-based and the most affordable, efficient solution on the market.

Conveniently available 24/7:
engages 7-11% of most populations
Proven results with research:
13 to 18% in symptom reduction
Affordable with 50x cost-savings:
can handle 10% of inbound EAP calls

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