Pregnancy and the first months of life with a newborn can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of life. It's normal to feel pure joy one moment, followed by worry, fear, or sadness. And if you're like many women, underneath it all—the good feelings and the bad—is a layer of exhaustion that can leave you wondering how you will have the energy for things big and small. This can be true even if you have a lot of support from family and friends. Simply put, this time of life can be hard. Harder for some than others, but easy for hardly anyone. The Healthy Moms Program whether you are pregnant with your first child or already a mom, the Healthy Moms program is for you.

There are two parts to our program: an app called Zuri and this journal. As a program member, you have free access to the Zuri app. All you need is a phone that can send and receive text messages. Every message you send to our short code is free, and it doesn't cost you anything to receive a message from Zuri. So you can use Zuri as much as you want without having to watch your airtime credit! This journal is yours to keep. Think of it as a companion to the Zuri app and a place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings about motherhood. You don't need the journal to use Zuri, but we think you will like using them together.

Healthy Moms → Healthy Babies

The Healthy Moms program is based on the idea that how we think influences how we feel and what we do. When we think negative thoughts, these thoughts can make us feel bad. And when we have negative feelings, we sometimes miss out on doing things that will make us happy, or we do things that make us feel even worse. The good news is that each one of us can learn how to break this cycle and think healthy. The better news is that thinking healthy is not just good for moms. When we feel better and do things to make our lives happier and healthier, our babies benefit. The first 1000 days from conception to a child's second birthday are a critical period for healthy development. When kids get a good start in life, they grow up healthier and are more productive as adults. This is a win for them, a win for your family, and a big win for society. We all benefit when our kids reach their potential. A key goal of Healthy Moms is to help women like you be the best mom you can be so your kids can live the lives you imagine for them.

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December 12, 2018
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