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How Tess Works

Start a conversation with Tess by sending any message.
Much like a therapist, Tess gives a brief introduction, and then works to understand your needs by simply asking, “how are you?”
Tess observes with care in order to deliver coping strategies, and which adapt to the emotions and concerns you express.

Empirically proven to decrease depression

Interactions with Tess led to significantly reduced symptoms, on average by -13% for depression, and -18% for anxiety.

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88% satisfaction rate, after asking “Did that help?”

24/7 on-demand, and unlimited  supportive conversations

Self-learning proprietary machine learning algorithms; 8y+ development

Exchange 400+ monthly messages per person, to boost engagement, at a 0.96% error rate


Reach and engage people

Automate questionnaires

Let Tess reach your population, take surveys and calculate their outcomes, such as: health risk assessments, PHQ-9, GAD-7

Make questionnaires convenient

89% of people that take the PHQ-9 directly through Tess use the service for 2 weeks+

High engagement statistics

Initial engagement: 7% - 11% (varies per implementation)

Increase referrals

Increase utilization

Tess reaches out with an invitation to a face to face, or tele-health session. 66% of people accept the invitation.

Increase engagement

If someone is in need of financial support, Tess refers people to United Way or any support service that is already available to them. This way Tess increases engagement of existing resources by 5x.

"The problem with behavioral counseling is that it concludes at the end of the office visit, but much of the work happens when you get home."

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