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How to get free access:

1. Tess will text you:
Now connecting you to Tess - check your phone!
Oops! Please enter a valid phone number.
You can also use Tess through Facebook Messenger by clicking on the Messenger Logo instead.
2. Like a coach, Tess simply replies by asking:
“how are you?”
3. Tess makes you feel better by chatting with you.

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When you say something in a certain way, a good friend will know how you actually feel, it’s the same thing with Tess.
Tess is a mental health chatbot. If you’re experiencing a panic attack in the middle of the day or want to vent or need to talk things out before going to sleep, you can connect with her through Facebook Messenger, and Tess will reply immediately.

"When I feel stuck, Tess helps me look at the situation in a different way"

Proven to make you feel better

Chatting with Tess led to reduced symptoms of depression (-13%) and anxiety (-18%).