Our mission is to provide affordable, quality mental health support, regardless of income or location.

X2 Foundation has given people access to care, for the first time in their lives:

Syrian refugees in crisis situations
Individuals without insurance
Undocumented individuals
Students facing stigma
Employees with limited benefits

X2 Foundation's Social Impact

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Meet the Team

Michiel Rauws
CEO + Founder

Experienced in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, risk insurance, and innovation at IBM.

Angie Joerin, MS, LLP
Digital Health Director

Experienced in delivering evidence-based treatment using an integrative therapy approach, infant mental health care, and human capital consulting services for Fortune 500 companies.

Joey Trevino
Vice President of Engineering

Joey has held positions as VP of Engineering and CTO at a long list of startups. The most well known one is Chime which recently raised $200 at a $1.5 billion valuation. Joey was the first tech hire at Chime, and led engineering teams of more than 20 engineers. He has devoted the remainder of his career to focus on building products that create social impact at scale.

Anne Wu
Growth Manager

Experienced in business operations, data analytics, and management consulting. Deep passion for using technological innovation in mental health care led Anne to co-found HackMentalHealth, host of the world’s largest mental health hackathon.

Chakshu Ahuja
Software Engineer

Experienced in software development and research work in Machine Learning and NLP.

Abel Masila
Software Engineer

Experienced in web development with a key interest in Javascript front-end development.

Jacob Hartog
Product Manager

Experienced in building products for mission-driven companies, financial wellness for low and middle income Americans, and human-centered design.

Milagros Escoredo, MA

Experienced in delivering psychoanalysis and psychodynamic treatment to individuals in outpatient and inpatient care settings.

Josh Brown
Digital Health Specialist

Experienced in coaching clients with a dual-diagnosis to healthier and more fulfilling lives by utilizing CBT and DBT skills training.

Romi Sadlik
Digital Health Specialist

Experienced in research and working directly with clients to support a large variety of populations with health-related concerns, including but not limited to eating disorders, anxiety and depression, crisis, and workplace stress.

John Sorrell, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Specialized in behavioral medicine with an emphasis in chronic pain management. Committed to providing empirically supported interventions to those who struggle, he has a passion for helping individuals to live more and suffer less.

Amanda George
Content Developer

Loves to blend her experience in youth and young adult ministry with her content and web development background to build tools that help others grow into the best versions of themselves.

Chantel Williams
Office Manager

Nancy Spangler, PhD
Senior Consultant

Nancy helps bring together pieces of a complex system of medical and social supports to build healthy workplaces, not just for health's sake, but for what people can do together in healthy, high performing organizations.

Frank Hone
Director of Engagement & Marketing

Evangelist of consumer power in healthcare: author of Why Healthcare Matters: How Business Leaders Can Drive Transformative Change (HRD Press, 2008), business book on healthcare consumerism. Healthcare marketing and communications strategy executive. Passionate about the business impact of effective engagement. Strong expertise in designing strategic frameworks and tactical solutions that deliver meaningful healthcare outcomes.

John Quick
Senior Consultant

Experienced health care leader and founding CEO of New Directions Behavioral Health. Retired as CEO last year after spending 23 years, responsible for growing the company from 1 million to 13 million covered lives in 10 years, making it one of the fastest growing managed behavioral health companies in the United States and the third largest company of its kind. Nowadays supporting tech companies to scale up new innovations, to create vastly more value for their EAP and Employer customer's employees.

Medical, Ethical, and Advisory Board Members

Tim Connors

Tim funds world-class computer scientists who want to disrupt important markets. He has been a VC for the last 17 years, founding PivotNorth after apprenticing for twelve years with legendary VCs. He has been a part of three companies that have had $1B+ exits.

Jim Herbold

Jim is a go-to-market operator who blends knowledge of market trends and business acumen with data-driven sales and marketing strategies to yield transformative revenue growth. He's helped three companies achieve dramatic growth and exits: Box (first-in sales hire, EVP Global Sales delivering $175MM ARR, IPO and $2BN+ valuation), EmailLabs (VP Sales to $20MM, acquisition by Lyris), and AboveNet (Director APAC Sales, IPO, $1.4BN acquisition by Metromedia Fiber Networks).

Russell Fulmer, PhD

Russell serves as a psychology consultant at X2AI, helping to bring quality psychodynamic content and mental health support to millions of users.

Bre Gentile, PhD

Bre serves as a clinical advisor, helping to bring quality, evidence-based mental health to millions of users through chatbots such as Sister Hope.

Divya Krishnamoorthy, MD

Divya serves as a clinical and ethical advisor at X2AI. Her speciality lies in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, mood and psychotic disorders, relationship issues, family therapy and school issues.

Thomas Milam, MD

Dr. Thomas Milam is a psychiatrist in Roanoke, Virginia and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Carilion New River Valley Medical Center and Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. He received his medical degree from University of Virginia School of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years.

Eric Green, PhD

Eric serves as both a clinical & ethical advisor and a psychology consultant at X2AI, helping to provide high-quality, automated, evidence-based psychological support to thousands of new moms through the chatbot Zuri.

Dr. Joy Ippolito

Dr. Joy utilizes her extensive experience with theory, research, policy, and practice to guide trauma-informed investments in K-12 education, particularly those with positive secondary effects on youth justice, child welfare, health, and communities. She utilizes a range of interdisciplinary strategies in my work and am committed to building relationships with stakeholders across systems in order to promote effective, long lasting, and positive change for children, families, and communities.