Our mission is to provide affordable, quality mental health care, regardless of income or location.

We've given people access to care, for the first time in their lives:

Syrian refugees in crisis situations
Individuals without insurance
Undocumented individuals
Students facing stigma
Employees with limited benefits

Meet the Team

Core Team

Michiel Rauws

Experienced in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, risk insurance, and innovation at IBM.

Brian Park

Experienced software development leader from Berkeley University, and worked for Cisco and Technicolor.

Angie Joerin, MS, LLP

Experienced in delivering evidence-based treatment using an integrative therapy approach, infant mental health care, and human capital consulting services for fortune 500 companies.

Milagros Escoredo, MA

Experienced in delivering psychoanalysis and psychodynamic treatment to individuals in outpatient and inpatient care settings.

Chakshu Ahuja

Experienced in software development and research work in Machine Learning and NLP.

Josh Brown

Experienced in coaching clients with a dual-diagnosis to healthier and more fulfilling lives by utilizing CBT and DBT skills training.

Lee Lazar

Experienced in psychological research and assessment, with a passion for promoting the importance of mental health through innovation and change.

Romi Sadlik

Experienced in research and treatment methods for eating disorders and anxiety.


Tim Conners

Jim Herbold

Russell Fulmer, PhD

Bre Gentile, MS, MA

Divya Krishnamoorthy, MD

Thomas Milam, MD

Eric Green, PhD