People are at the core of what we do at X2, and a solid culture serves as the foundation in which we are empowered to achieve our mission.

Social Impact
Human First

Our Core Values

Data-Based: X2 began as a research firm half a decade prior to launching Tess. We maintain an active interest in data and use it to guide our decision making in nearly every facet of the organization. 

Integrity: Respect and integrity guide our behavior. We encourage communication that is honest, transparent, and respectful. Across the team, strong opinions are welcome and loosely held allowing for diverse perspectives to be shared in a psychologically safe working environment. We are firm in our beliefs, but stay open to changing our minds in light of new data, especially if this data has direct impacts on the people across our team or those we serve.

Social Impact: We believe that all people deserve access to mental health care and resources that enhance well-being without fear of judgment, stigma, or breaking the bank. We use our commercial success to continue to expand our reach through the X2 Foundation to serve poor and vulnerable populations who lack access to quality mental health and emotional support. 

Human First:
While our primary focus is to scale support through the use of technology, we never lose sight of people. Our mission to deliver access to coaching regardless of income or location is embedded across our organization and directly tied to how we treat one another. Our diverse and inclusive staff all have one key thing in common: we care. Team members value and understand each other, even when there is a difference of opinion. At X2, we strive to ensure that every team member feels secure and successful in their role while staying open to accepting challenges.

To learn more about X2's culture, read our Culture Guide below.