Meet Tess

Mental Health Chatbot which delivers emotional wellness coping strategies.

3 million conversations
800+ topics
Population screening

“X2 is creating an entirely new form of care, which is affordable and scalable."

– John Quick, Retired CEO of New Directions Behavioral Health

A Turnkey Solution is a customizable EHR that allows the system to operate as a turnkey solution:

01. Patient Management

Securely update and add user. Monitor or take over conversations.

02. Behavior Management

Assign patient-specific goals and interventions so Tess can help track progress.

03. Content Library

Leverage content from our library of 700+ topics, or add new interventions to best meet user needs.

04. Crisis Alerts

Set up alerts to allows for seamless intervention during crisis situations.

05. Success Metrics

View metrics to support decision making.

06. Development Testing

Test new interventions before delivering to users.

Empirically proven to decrease depression

Interactions with Tess led to significantly reduced symptoms, on average by -13% for depression, and -18% for anxiety.


Our Proud Partnerships

Kaiser Permanente

“Deterioration of symptoms can be reduced by more frequent depression screenings, immediate access to psycho-education, and timely access to psychological support.”

Michael Rabinoff, Psychiatrist, Kaiser Permanente

Northwestern University

“Tess is a reliable and valid augmentation to traditional therapy. Her capacity to employ various psychological modalities, from CBT to EFT, make Tess a versatile psychological AI to support students.”

Russell Fulmer, PHD, Northwestern University Department of Counseling

Saint Elizabeth

“Saint Elizabeth & Elizz are working with X2 to explore new ways to support patients and family caregivers through supportive conversations with Tess."

Mary Lou Ackerman, VP of Innovation, Saint Elizabeth


“Using technology to screen patients for depression and partner in counseling can improve the care we deliver; pediatricians have limited time per patient encounter, and commonly insufficient resources to deliver this service.”

Lloyd N. Werk, MD, MPH, Nemours Children’s Health System

Virginia Tech

“Continuously supporting patients using technology greatly improves the quality of care and its sustained effects, especially if support is offered right after they take a depression screener, in between sessions with the psychologist, and after their treatment has officially ended.”

Thomas Millam, Psychiatrist, Virginia Tech Carillon Clinic

County of Monterey

"When asking residents of the County of Monterey, I was “told they would rather text (a mental health chatbot) than a person because they are embarrassed about their anxieties or feelings of depression.”

Julie Edgcomb, Clinical Services Director, Monterey County Health Department

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