Catholic Charities of South Carolina provides free mental health support

The Challenge

Providing judgement-free 24/7 mental health support to the people of South Carolina

The Result

On-demand access to digital mental health coach

Crisis counselors on call 24/7

19 suicidal ideation crises de-escalated

2200+ people helped

Over 23% reduction in moderate or severe symptoms

X2 creates custom white-labeled coaching and mental health support chatbots. Solutions are provided in collaboration with large employers, nonprofits, insurance companies, and universities. Suicide deaths in South Carolina have doubled in the last 20 years, and the pandemic would only make things worse. Catholic Charities of South Carolina took action and partnered with X2AI to make mental health support more accessible to people struggling with depression and anxiety, and connect those in crisis directly with a network of on-call counselors.

As their mission in fulfillment of the Gospel's call to serve Christ in those in need, Catholic Charities of South Carolina seeks to exemplify and inspire Christian service. With the numerous challenges of the pandemic and social distancing, CCSC sought novel ways to help the people of South Carolina. Together with X2AI, they launched the Hope chatbot to provide much needed mental health support and made it available free of charge, regardless of the person's religion.

Since the launch in May 2020, over 2200 people have started chatting with Hope. 19 people have reported suicidal thoughts and received support. Those chatters who reported severe anxiety symptoms had a 23.47% reduction in symptoms and those who reported moderate anxiety symptoms reported a 35.70% reduction in symptoms after chatting with Hope for 2 weeks. It would have cost $468,481.00 to experience the same level of symptom reduction in an in-person clinical setting.

Here are some things that people chatting with Hope have to say about their experience:

Through this partnership with the Catholic Charities of South Carolina, we have been able to provide timely access to mental health support and crisis counselors for thousands of people during the pandemic and beyond.

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