Serving Veterans through HERO

The Challenge

Making mental health support and tools more accessible to veterans

The Result

  • Over 770 veterans supported
  • Over 13,400 messages exchanged
  • 71 crises were de-escalated through HERO & our network of crisis counselors

On Veterans Day 2020, we launched our partnership with the Chopra Foundation and Veterans Path to provide mental health support through HERO (Health and Emotional Resilience Operator) to help veterans build resilience and enhance their well-being. HERO delivers access to Veterans Path content, confidential tips and mental health programs via Facebook Messenger and text.

“This is not an issue that should stay in the barracks or VA hospitals, this problem affects us all as Americans and human beings,” says Dr. Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Foundation. “It is imperative that we take a stand to help our veterans, not just with mental health, but to assist them in achieving true happiness in their civilian lives.”

Since the launch of HERO, we have been able to support over 770 veterans with various mental health concerns and experiences, resulting in over 13,400 messages exchanged. 71 reports of crisis have been de-escalated through HERO and our network of on-call crisis counselors.

Here is what some chatters have to say about their experience with HERO**:

By making mental health and support tools more accessible, we hope to improve the overall wellbeing of the veteran community.

**Testimonials are edited upon editorial review to maintain the confidential nature of these conversations.

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